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TechTool 1.1.7 is out

TechTool 1.1.7 is out

TechTool 1.1.7 has been released. This is the premiere freeware tool for rebuilding your desktop and zapping your PRAM. It also checks for System file damage. New to version 1.1.7:

* Added support for international versions of Mac OS 8.1.
* Fixed minor bugs.
* Update TechTool Pro information.

Update: A couple of readers claim that, while TechTool may have international support for Mac OS 8.0, there is not yet international support for 8.1 (at least not Danish or French).

"Troubleshooting TechTool Pro 2" MacFixIt Extra posted;
MicroMat resolves problem with HDT-formatted drives by releasing new version of TechTool Pro 2
Reports of problems with the newly released TechTool Pro 2.0 have been circulating onvarious Usenet groups, mailing lists and web sites this past week. I have spent the last few days sorting through them (as well as reports sent directly to MacFixIt of course). The most serious problem is that repairing a drive with TechTool Pro 2 may corrupt the drive, especially if your drive was formatted using Hard Disk ToolKit and/or is using the HFS Standard format. Other bugs and glitches have also been cited.

Flash! The problem with HDT formatted drives is solved. MicroMat has identified the problem with drives formatted with FWB's Hard Disk ToolKit. A new TechTool Pro v. 2.0.2, that fixes the bug, is being shipped today.

Check out the MacFixIt Extras on Troubleshooting TechTool Pro 2 for more details.