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TechRepublic: 'Cracking Open' your favorite gadgets is excerpting the tinkerer's dream series from TechRepublic.

1974 home kit computer
1974 home kit computer TechRepublic

If you're the warranty-voiding type of person who's unafraid of taking a screwdriver to your delicate electronic equipment, have we got a series for you! Our sister site TechRepublic specializes in carefully dismantling (and sometimes re-mantling) all manner of computers, peripherals and devices. They publish the results in a series called "Cracking Open," sort of a visual love letter to electronics design and circuitry.

Ever wanted to know what's on the inside of your Wii unit? A 1970s home computer from a kit? A portable DVD player? Click away and enjoy these micro-detailed intimate portraits of consumer gadgets.