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TechnoThreadz turn you into a walking disco

Maker of flashy ThreadLites and TechnoThreadz announces that the garments are available in customized logos. Good if you're doing PR for the Las Vegas tourism bureau.

Sorry if this animated GIF causes you a migraine.

Let's say, for example, that wearing a Star Trek T-shirt around town doesn't adequately convey your love of the franchise. You could step it up a notch (or a few) with a shirt that continuously flashes Trekkie images, disco-ball-like, for upward of 32 hours. That ought to help get your message across.

Glow-in-the-dark garments and apparel that uses LED displays have been around for a while. But ThreadLites turn the brightness up with an integrated graphic-illuminating electro luminescent panel that allows designs or text to flash on the outer area in a predetermined pattern. Imagine a sound equalizer meter lighting up your chest.

The company that makes ThreadLites and TechnoThreadz T-shirts and caps announced Monday that the flashy garments are now available in customized logos. "Is your brand being left in the dark?" the Web site asks. Unless you're doing PR for the Las Vegas tourism bureau, it might be better off that way.

If you do get one of these, please note: the garments integrate circuitry that can be damaged by submersing in water, so you're not going to want to get pushed into the swimming pool with these on.