"Techno snobs" worst of the ageists



"Techno snobs" worst of the ageists

In response to the April 23 article, "Tech ageism cuts both ways":

Thanks for your article. I unfortunately have gone through three really rough years between company buyouts, contract cancellations and dot-coms not getting funding. In all three cases my position was eliminated, and I have found myself trying to find a new position three different times.

As a 52-year-old worker with 25 years of management and analyst experience in different business functions, I can tell you age discrimination is live and well in the Seattle technology industry. But don't think it is only the technology sector that is treating the older worker this way--it is all of them. The technology industry just happens to be the worst of the lot.

My recent experience has been that the rudest, most obnoxious and nastiest group of people that I have come across in my entire working career are the young "techno snobs" that have been bred by the elitist attitude fostered at Microsoft. These individuals have zero business courtesy and may be smart technically but have no willingness or ability to see or understand transferable knowledge and skill. The techno babble these folks spout to try to impress each other is actually comical.

It is a good thing that it has been a dry year in Seattle, because as high as these folks' noses are stuck in the air, they would have drowned in a normally rainy year.

Marguerite B. Payne