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Technical workers: Victims of bias

A reader avers that the reason more people don't become technical workers is they are underpaid and limited in their opportunities for advancement.


Technical workers: Victims of bias

In response to the May 23 Reuters article, "Tech industry needs a geek hero":

The recent article about the lack of technical workers was funny and imaginative but, I think, way off the mark.

The simple reason that there aren't more tech workers is that they are treated the way you claim children think of them. In my experience (managing technical departments and being a technical person), the technical people are uniformly ignored in decision making, they are severely underpaid (when was the last time a person in R&D made what a salesperson makes?), and they don't have the same upward paths as non-technical people.

Why enter a profession where you don't have the same opportunities? Face it: Technical people are the minorities of a bigoted industry.

Mark Zachmann
Former CEO