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Techmeme unveils a new top 100 list

The popular blog aggregation site, Techmeme, launched their new Leaderboard feature today, displaying the 100 most influential tech blogs.

Techmeme is one of my favorite sites on the internet right now. It finds the hottest discussions throughout news sites and blogs and displays them according to the most popular discussions of the moment. Techmeme has become an invaluable resource for me in trying to figure out what stories are getting the most attention.

Today, Techmeme unveiled a new feature that they call the "Techmeme Leaderboard." The leaderboard essentially makes data that Techmeme has had for years available to readers. It lists the top 100 sources for Techmeme stories, ranked by Presence, which is described as, "...the probability that a random Techmeme headline at a random time over the past month was published by that source."

Obviously there is going to be some bias in any "Top 100" list, regardless of the topic and that is the case with this list. Regardless of bias, I think that there is a lot less potential for tampering with this list than there is for tampering with the current king of the popular blog lists, Technorati, who just counts unique links to a blog to determine its rank. Technorati is going to have to scramble now to try and figure out a way to get back on top.

I think that Techmeme's list is a pretty accurate reflection of what I consider to be the most influential blogs and news sites out there today. The leaderboard is a great addition to Techmeme's already stellar offerings and I think it will keep people coming back almost as much as their front page news does. So, for all you ambitious bloggers out there, now you have a new list to shoot for.

Check out the Techmeme Leaderboard here.