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TechCrunch50: The day 2 schedule

The list of presenters at the second day of the TechCrunch-sponsored event for start-ups ranges from Alfabetic to Personalria.

One day down, and two more to go, as the TechCrunch50 gives start-ups a chance to show off their nifty new goods and services.

TechCrunch50 logo

CNET News is providing full-on coverage of both TechCrunch50, taking place in San Francisco, and the dueling, simultaneous DemoFall event, located downstate in San Diego. You can find it all on our comprehensive Launch Week page.

Herewith the list of Tuesday's TechCrunch50 presenters:

• Alfabetic (Presented by Oded Broshi and Arik Kopelman)
• DropBox (Presented by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi)
• Emerginvest (Presented by Andrew Waterman and Eugene Kim)
• ExchangeP (Presented by Saul Kato and Charles Katz)
• FitBit (Presented by James Park and Eric Friedman)
• icharts (Presented by Seymour Duncker and Tyron Montgomery)
• Imindi (Presented by Adam Lindemann and Galen Kaufman)
• Me-trics (Presented by Christian Dodd and Jame Vreelan)
• MIXTT (Presented by Eve Peters and Diana Agraz)
• Mobclix (Presented by Sunil Verma and Krishna Subramanian)
• Mytopia (Presented by Guy Ben-Artzi and Galia Ben-Artzi)
• Popego (Presented by Santiago Siri and Emiliano Kargieman)
• PostBox (Presented by Sherman Dickman and Scott MacGregor)
• Swype (Presented by Mike McSherry and Cliff Kushler)
• Tingz (Presented by Patrick Hunt and Richard Benson)
• TonchiDot (Presented by Takahito Iguchi and Peter Anshin)
• Personalria (Presented by Guy Hirsch)