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'Tech Shuffler': Fastest draw in the West

Automated shuffer is way faster than any of your poker buddies.

Shuffle Tech

The poker boom has given rise to a variety of related gadgetry, ranging from poker-chip flash drives to wireless on-screen games. But there's a staple of the card table that's been surprisingly ignored: the automatic shuffler.

Shuffle Tech is trying to capitalize on this egregious oversight with a state-of-the-art version that promises to speed the whole process so you can lose your money as fast as possible. It has two options, one with three riffles (45 seconds) and the other with seven (90 seconds), which is certainly faster than most poker buddies are capable of, especially after several Heinekens. The shuffler also has a translucent lid in case its operator is accused of rigging the machine.

The only problem--and it's a big one--is that it costs $480, according to BornRich. Which certainly puts it out of the range of any house games we've encountered.