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Digital Media

Tech news veteran Josh Topolsky wants to show you his Outline

Formerly of The Verge, Bloomberg and Engadget, Topolsky's new venture goes beyond tech to politics and culture.

The Outline is expected to debut this fall.

After being the editor-in-chief of Engadget, co-founding The Verge, and serving as the editor of Bloomberg Digital, Josh Topolsky is prepping a new media brand.

The new website is called The Outline. It has raised $5 million in funding with a plan to launch in the fall of 2016, according to The Wall Street Journal. Topolsky told the Journal that his plan is to focus on bringing readers directly to the website rather than relying on social media to drive traffic. Moving beyond just technology, The Outline also will focus on politics, business and culture.

Topolsky, who will act as the site's editor-in-chief and CEO, told CNET via email, "We have to define a new success story for modern media businesses if we hope to ever build anything [more] than monolithic content factories." On finding space in the very crowded online media landscape, he said, "It's hard to make anything new, but I know from experience that there is a huge, waiting audience."

At the moment, if you visit the website for the Outline, there's a simple email notification signup and links to social media accounts. If you sign up for the site's mailing list, the on-screen response is "The Illuminati has been notified."