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Tech hears the music

Yahoo brings low-price service to wider audience. Also: Sony, Samsung hot for new MP3 players. Photos: Walkman Beans

Yahoo brings its low-priced subscription service to a wider audience. Sony and Samsung are hot for new MP3 players, while Nokia says no to iTunes.

Yahoo expands its music service

Done with its trial run, the Web portal seeks a wider audience of subscribers ready to spend $4.99 a month.
August 18, 2005

Sony looks for magic from Walkman Beans

Is it musical fruit? New flash-based players are actually a colorful, curvaceous crop.
August 18, 2005

Photos: Sony cooks up new Walkman Beans

The company's latest Walkman music player is shaped like a bean to fit in the palm of your hand.
August 18, 2005

Nokia phone to be feature-heavy but iTunes-free

Still, companies such as Apple could easily produce programs allowing the handsets to use their music services, the phone giant says.
August 18, 2005

The free toaster? Today, it's an iPod

To lure customers these days, marketers at corporations and small businesses are capitalizing on the iPod craze.
August 18, 2005

Samsung plans more MP3 players

Trying to compete with Apple's iPod, Samsung will launch six new MP3 music players before the end of 2005 and 10 more in 2006.
August 18, 2005

Portal drops MP3 search over copyright fears

NetEase, one of China's biggest Internet portals, says it doesn't want to be held responsible for illegal downloads.
August 17, 2005

Is the affinity for music innate?

Your strong desire to hear the music of Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs just might have been inherited.
August 17, 2005