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Tech firms some of the most trusted, admired companies in US

Familiar names top a survey of American adults' thoughts about innovation and workplace confidence.


Everyone wants to work for a tech company like Apple nowadays.

Duncan Sinfield/YouTube

You can't find more desirable places to work in the US than some of the biggest companies in tech.

That was the finding of a survey released Monday by Fortune and SurveyMonkey, an online-survey company. More than 10,000 adults in the US were asked which Fortune 100 companies they thought were most trustworthy, innovative and caring.

Companies with the highest scores included Amazon, Apple, Google-parent Alphabet and Microsoft, all of which landed in the Top 20 alongside the likes of Coca-Cola and Walt Disney.

Respondents also expressed a lot of confidence that the tech firms, many of which were launched from garages by founders struggling to raise cash, would still be around in 100 years.

And Americans now trust tech companies with their life savings, calling Amazon, Alphabet and Apple the top three companies most worthy of investment.

Perhaps reflecting the gender divide in Silicon Valley, men showed greater interest in working at tech companies. When men were asked to choose five preferred places of employment, they filled four of the slots with tech firms. Women filled only two of the slots with technology companies. For men and women both, Amazon and Apple placed in the top 5 companies to work for, putting the firms in third and fourth place, respectively, behind Walt Disney and Google.

The survey also ranked the companies in regard to which have the worst global impact, which are worst for the US, which are the most ruthless, and which are most likely to shut down. Tech companies were listed in all the negative categories but were far behind banks and stores such as Walmart, which came in first in all four areas.

Apple came in the top 40 and 50 for worst global impact, worst for the country and most likely to shut down while Amazon ranked in the top 60 and up. But when it comes to the most ruthless companies, Apple ranked in the top 20 while Amazon came in 10 ranks behind Microsoft in place 31.

Apple and Amazon did not respond for comments.