Tech dads and job flexibility

An article today about fathers struggling to take advantage of "family-friendly" workplace programs includes the travails of two tech industry workers.

One of them apparently experienced some discrimination when he took time off for Boy Scout meetings, soccer games and parent-teacher conferences, according to the Newhouse News Service story. "There were some subtle things that took place," Paul Vogelzang is quoted as saying. "Projects of really high importance wouldn't get passed my way...I also felt like customers would question my level of commitment, seeing that maybe I was trying to rush home to take a conference call from home so I could just be there."

The story's overall message is that more men are trying to tap family-friendly workplace policies, but many find out "the arrangements aren't as available to dads as to moms."

Is this true generally in the tech industry?

Our own reporting has found that a number of firms in the industry are giving more workers flexibility in the way they do their jobs, and that many employees in the software world are working less punishing hours.

On the other hand, it seems executive-level employees in technology and other fields often are expected to work --a situation some critics say leaves little time for a proper work-life balance.

I'd welcome feedback from other male computer professionals who've sought flexible hours or other "family-friendly" arrangements.

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