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Tech college's beautiful recruitment horror movie

In a recruitment ad surely worthy of Oscar short consideration, Australia's Central Institute of Technology creates something that must be seen to be disbelieved.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

They're different in Australia. This is largely a good thing.

In advertising, too, the country has a tradition of breaking boundaries-- or merely, perhaps, of not noticing them.

Please therefore bathe in (and after) this stunning recruitment ad for the Central Institute of Technology in Western Australia.

Perhaps its location is somewhat forbidding for some. So the Institute (as far as I can judge, this is entirely for real) has created this indescribable (in a good way) movie to help potential applicants get over their inhibitions.

It features Henry and Aaron, two gentlemen who might not be easily accepted in Verona.

I am grateful to Gizmodo for having unearthed the marvelous specimen of human who would know a target market so well as to create what will surely be a tech cult wafting to Perth.

I suppose I should warn the squeamish that it is not for them. But it is surely so for many young minds, desperate to get beyond the attitudes of colleges that are so sadly institutional.

Naturally, one doesn't want to give too much away, in order for the comments section to be full of spontaneous reaction. I can only hope it inspires other institutions to consider how they communicate to the largely pot-addled and unwashed who choose to study technology.