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Tech bigwigs push for the global good

At the World Congress on Information Technology, Dell, Intel and others make pitches to governments for increased investing.

At the World Congress on Information Technology conference in Austin, Texas, tech companies such as Dell and Intel make their pitches to governments of developing nations for increased technology investing.

Michael Dell pushes governments to invest in IT

Developing countries can improve lives of their citizens with fast networks and better access to PCs, he says.
Photo: Michael Dell at WCIT
May 4, 2006

How can IT save the world?

Thousands of delegates mull how to bring technology to the world's people while preserving their privacy and keeping them healthy.
May 4, 2006

photos As the World Congress on Information Technology considers ways that IT can improve lives, the chipmaker presents its Eduwise design.
May 4, 2006

Intel builds $400 laptop for school desks worldwide

CEO Paul Otellini touts access to PCs in an educational setting as one way to improve conditions in developing countries.
May 3, 2006

Dell gets on The Green Grid

Despite exclusive deal with Intel, PC maker links up with AMD's organization to reduce data center power consumption.
May 3, 2006

photos The Lone Star state hosts a global IT confab, where AMD's chief touts low-cost PCs for the masses.
May 3, 2006