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Team Go Rocket Leaders have entered Pokemon Go

Trainers must battle Team Go Rocket Leaders to ultimately defeat Giovanni.

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go gets a few new Team Go Rocket Leaders.

Screenshot by Abrar Al-Heeti/CNET

Team Go Rocket Leaders Cliff, Sierra and Arlo have entered the world of Pokemon Go, Niantic said Thursday. In addition to catching more Shadow Pokemon and strengthening them unnaturally, the arrival of Team Go Rocket Leaders confirm that Giovanni, boss for Team Go Rocket and the original Team Rocket, may have entered the world of Pokemon Go.

Players of the augmented reality game are being asked to battle the Team Go Rocket Leaders and conduct "Special Research" to track down and defeat Giovanni.

Here are the steps players need to take to fight big boss Giovanni:

  1. Open up your Special Research called Looming in the Shadows, issued by Professor Willow, to track down Team Go Rocket Leaders and Giovanni.
  2. Find Mysterious Components that Team Go Rocket Grunts may drop.
  3. Create a Rocket Radar by putting together six Mysterious Components, and use it to scan the area and find hideouts of Team Go Rocket Leaders.
  4. Approach the hideouts and battle the villains. After defeating the Team Go Rocket Leaders, rescue their Shadow Pokemon. While only players with Rocket Radars can detect hideouts and battle Team Go Rocket Leaders, if one Trainer detects a hideout at a certain PokeStop, others can also track it down, too.
  5. After battling Team Go Rocket Grunts and defeating Team Go Rocket Leaders, players receive a Super Rocket Radar from Professor Willow, which will help track down Giovanni. Beware of Grunts pretending to be Giovanni. After defeating Giovanni, players may be able to save Legendary Shadow Pokemon.
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