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Teacher accused of mocking 7-year-old on Facebook

A computer teacher in Chicago allegedly takes a picture of a 7-year-old's hair, which had Jolly Ranchers candy hanging from the braids. She then allegedly posts it on Facebook for her friends' amusement.

Class, we need to go over this again: when you post things on Facebook, it is likely that they will go far beyond your few thousand friends.

This reminder needs to be made right now. You see, the mother of 7-year-old Ukailya Lofton from Chicago has accused her daughter's teacher of taking a cell phone picture of her daughter's hair--in order to post it on Facebook. It seems she thought the hair was somewhat amusing.

As the story was told to ABC7News Chicago, the mother, Lucinda Williams, said that her daughter wanted to have hair with Jolly Rancher candies hanging from her braids for Overton Elementary School's Picture Day.

Kids want sweet things. Mothers indulge them.

But on that day, she says a computer teacher took a photograph of her daughter's hair and posted it on Facebook.

"She took a picture of me and then she said my boyfriend can't believe this," little Ukailya told ABC News.

When she heard about this, Williams says she went to the teacher's Facebook page and reportedly copied some of the comments on the picture of her daughter.

Among them, allegedly, was: "If you are going to make your child look ridiculous, the least you can do is have them matching." Another comment allegedly declared that writer's contact lens popped out when she saw the picture.

The Chicago public schools district issued a statement that read: "The district is currently investigating the matter to determine if any policies have been violated. If policies have in fact been violated, the district will move on disciplinary action."

Williams says she met with the school principal and the teacher, who allegedly said that she had removed the page but equally allegedly refused to apologize to the child.

And now, the word "allegedly" may be put to the test. Williams reportedly says she is planning a lawsuit.

Soon, perhaps, every school will have its own Facebook monitor.