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Teach your CD to float in midair

Prototype may give you an excuse to keep those discs around.


If you haven't yet made the transition to the MP3 world, you may well need a excuse for sticking with your CDs (let alone cassettes or 8-tracks). One possible reason to give your mocking buddies: You can't bear to part with your most excellent CD player.

That might not seem plausible until they see that you have "Metaphys" player from Japan's Hers Design, as seen on Technabob. Part music appliance and part parlor trick, this prototype machine plays a CD while the disc protrudes about a quarter-inch from the bottom of the vertical drive, making it appear to be suspended in midair.

Not bad, but if you really want to make an impression, we suggest the glowing "Square CD" player for the true arch-villain decor.