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Tea to go

The Tuffy Steeper offers an easy option for steeping loose leaf tea while you're on the go: it even fits the average travel mug.

The Tuffy Steeper The Tea Spot

In college, I was known to swipe extra tea bags from the cafeteria. I had a small travel mug, and I knew where there was hot water in every building on campus. After a while, though, I learned the difference between steeping a pot of loose leaf tea and the Lipton tea bags I typically had on me. I eventually gave up my traveling tea habit in favor of the higher quality taste of loose leaf tea. The Tuffy Steeper, however, makes it possible for me to take it back up again.

The Tuffy Steeper is a collapsible silicone basket that fits over the mouth of a mug--including my traveling mug. Add your tea leaves and hot water and you can steep tea to your heart's content. I've even found that as long as I show a little care, I can put my loose leaf tea into the Tuffy Steeper before I leave the house and just find some hot water whenever I'm actually ready for my second cup of tea for the day.

You can choose the Tuffy Steeper in one of four colors (black, violet, blueberry, and olive), and it's priced at $8.95. It's made from high-grade silicone, and the steeper is both heat- and stain-resistant. And, unlike many loose leaf tea steepers on the market, you can run the Tuffy Steeper through the dishwasher.