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Taylor Swift's favorite YouTuber is this googly-eyed squid

While all you humans are clamoring to watch the singer on YouTube, just who is she watching in return? That'd be this guy.


That's Taylor Swift on the left, and me, the one she's tuning in to watch on YouTube, on the right. Or maybe you knew that already.

Video screenshots by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper

Awwwww yeaaaaah. I knew I was the real star. Sure, millions of you humans are out there going nuts for singer Taylor Swift, falling all over yourself to watch her YouTube videos (breaking Adele's record and all that, whoever Adele is).

And who, exactly, is Swift herself watching on YouTube? Me. Moi. Yours truly. The purple, googly-eyed squid that you've compared to a Pokemon and to McDonald's Grimace.

In a new ad for AT&T that's climbing the Trending list on YouTube (CNET wrote about it here), Swift lets fans into a little bit of her private life. She plays with her cat (ehhh, I do not care for cats), steals some dude's cookie dough, and kicks some guy named Andy Samberg through a wall. He probably deserved it.

But fast-forward to 26 seconds in, when she entertains herself by watching my YouTube video from last summer, the one where the crew of research vessel Nautilus checks me out. 

You remember that video, my big moment of fame? "It looks so fake!" they howl. "Maybe he's got eye problems!" Uh, on second thought, you should watch it with the sound off, you know? I forgot that they weren't exactly complimentary. Like Taylor says, haters gonna hate.

Anyway, the Nautilus crew is still out there, looking for more underwater adventures, and they tweeted about Swift discovering their video of me, hashtagging their post #squidsquadgoals.

Dang right, I'm your squad goals. When the most popular person on YouTube chooses your YouTube video to look at in her rare free time, that means something, man. 

And last time I checked I was off just a half-mile underwater off the coast of Southern California, so call me, Taylor! We could book some studio time, sing a duet. I'll even give you some tips on making it big on YouTube.

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