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Taylor Swift lets Twitter followers follow her in person

In a charming attempt to bring social networking into the real world, a selected number of the singer's followers are wandering around with her all week, as she launches her new album.

This is not just hagiography. This is insight. Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When one of your mentors does yet one more thing to confirm the validity of her mentorship, you have to sit back and admire.

I am, therefore, glazed-eyed with admiration at Taylor Swift, who this week is taking Twitter into the real world.

Swift, my mentor for all things love-related, is launching a new album called "Red."

Because she is a dedicated professional, she is promoting this opus far and wide. However, she has chosen to step beyond the confines of social media to interact with some of her followers in person.

As Mashable reports, Swift has chosen a number of her followers to fly around with her and see just how grueling, torturous and intellect-challenging doing a promotional tour can be.

These real, live followers are then tweeting to the hashtag #TaylorFollowers, in order to act as social buglers for the princess.

You might imagine that the live followers' tweets would be mundane, anodyne little things. You might imagine that salted coffee is the next big thing.

For the followers are being treated to true insight, not mere blarney. For example, this from Twitter user "Kate": "Taylor said the vulnerability in Begin Again made it difficult for her to finish writing it! #SXMTownHall #taylorfollowers #RED."

You see, this is why Swift qualifies as a mentor. She has a deeply developed ability to merge real life with creativity and communication. The Daily Mail reported only yesterday that she fully admits her songs are often thinly veiled reenactments of her own love life.

"Men hand me inspiration on a plate," she declared.

I am sure that some of you are having the same thoughts as myself, which are these: I wonder if, at the end of this Twitter-followed live action, Swift will gain inspiration for an entirely new album, one based on her in-person interactions with those who truly, truly love her beyond reason.

This is to be contrasted, if rumor is to be believed, with the likes of John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhall. Indeed, the Mail reported that the latter was the subject of the seminal "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," words so many of us have had to both utter and endure.

Perhaps, after this face-to-face meeting with her Twitter gang, Swift will immediately rush to the studio and pen happy songs of true devotion. She will sing of those who will never leave her, always be there for her, and are prepared to fluff her pillows at night and warm her hot water bottle without compunction.

Perhaps this new album will be called "Tweet, Tweet Love."

The excitement is palpable. Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET