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Taylor Swift announces new album ... on Instagram

A post of the cover for the new album, "Reputation," passed the half-million-likes mark in less than an hour.

A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

As HBO comedian Bill Maher might say, we don't know it for a fact, we just know Taylor Swift is poised to set some sort of Instagram record for the just-posted cover of her new album, "Reputation."

The post, which followed one a minute prior saying the new album is coming out Nov. 10, got 165,000 likes in less than 10 minutes. At last check, it was nearing 600,000 likes after about an hour up. 

Facebook, which owns Instagram, didn't immediately respond to our question about whether the traction on her post has set any sort of record. We're pretty sure Beyonce still holds the most-liked overall record with more than 10 million for her twin newborns. But the day is young. 

In a third Instagram post Wednesday, Swift added that the first single from the new album will drop Thursday.
The pop star sent her Internet fans into a frenzy last week by deleting all her Instagram photos and removing her profile picture from Twitter and Facebook.
It's been three years since the release of her record-breaking album "1989."