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Tattu TS500: Dual-SIM phone two-times you

Tattu is helping lovers, cheaters, players and milkmen do the dirty with the TS500, a new phone that packs two SIM cards. Just remember to put it on silent when hiding in wardrobes

With Valentine's Day just gone, Tattu Mobile is about to make lotharios' lives easier with the TS500 dual-SIM multimedia mobile phone.

To use the phone, you dial as normal then choose which of the two SIM you want to place the call. Why would a phone capable of making and receiving calls from two SIMs be useful? Perhaps you have one for work and one for home, or one for the wife and one for the window cleaner, or one for each of your favourite fauxmosexual Russian pop princesses.

The TS500 is a quad-band slider with 2-megapixel camera, FM radio, video, MP3 and MMS. Stereo Bluetooth and mobile Internet access are included. Now do you mind going out the back door? We don't want the neighbours getting suspicious.