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TattleTech: another useful device listing utility

TattleTech: another useful device listing utility

In another follow-up to the search for a utility for listing (and mounting) SCSI, IDE, USB and FireWire devices, John Mancino suggests a look at his own TattleTech utility. He writes:

TattleTech lists both SCSI and ATA/IDE devices. CD ROM drives are listed as well as any kind of device on the SCSI bus, including scanners. Bay devices in PowerBooks are also listed as well as PC Card devices. A separate report lists information by volume. TattleTech also lists USB devices by available function though that report has yet to be tailored to extract all of the drive information. I am also currently working on FireWire reporting and should have it available in the next couple of months. The 2.59 version reports both SCSI and ATA but not nearly as comprehensively as the 2.80b17 version.

And, as previously pointed out, Apple System Profiler should also work, although neither utility can mount unmounted devices.