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Taste the rainbow of Skittles memes, thanks to Trump son's tweet

From the serious to the sugary and silly, reactions have started a candy-coated conversation.

Social media managers at Skittles must be accustomed to their Google Alerts going off. Used to be Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch inspired the Skittles memes du jour. But now Lynch is retired (or is he?), and Skittles are back in the news for a new reason.

On Monday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's son Donald Jr. stirred up a bowl full of controversy by tweeting an image of Skittles and comparing them to Syrian refugees.

Cue the candy-coated reaction, which ranged from the serious -- the photo Trump used was taken by a refugee -- to the sugary and silly.

Here's a roundup of what the social media world was saying.

Some put a sweet spin on their political opinions with the hashtag #TrumpACandy.

And more than one person tied the Skittles statements back to the other big meme of the day.