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Tasmania Police issue app-based tickets

In a first for Australia, Tasmanian cops will no longer be able to 'throw the book' at offenders as on-the-spot infringement notices go paper-free, thanks to a new app.

Tasmania Police

In a first for Australian Police, cops in Tasmania are ditching on-the-spot paper tickets in favour of a new app-based method of issuing infringement notices. Known as the Police Infringement Notice System (PINS), the app is the first of its kind developed specifically for tablets issued to frontline police officers.

Used for "offences on location" such as traffic and fisheries infringements, the PINS app allows police to automatically retrieve an offender's licence, registration details and a photo of the licence holder for verifying identity.

Cops can also take photos or add notes and the app will automatically input the "appropriate penalty for the infringement" -- meaning wangling your way out of a high fine may be a thing of the past.

"Officers will have the ability to perform identification validation and capture geo-location data," said Tasmania Police Assistant Commissioner Phil Wilkinson. "Importantly, checks for information on prior convictions can also be made.

"There will be significant efficiencies from PINS. It's anticipated that the savings in police time and paperwork will amount to 20.5 police hours a day, or AU$250,000 annually."

Tasmania Police says it issues around 90,000 infringement notices a year -- these notices will now be processed electronically (rather than police manually processing them when they return to the station) and notices will be sent out by post.