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Taronga Zoo through Google Glass

See the inhabitants of an Australian zoo through the eyes of the keepers with Google Glass. It's close-up footage -- and super, super cute.


Google Glass shows a lot of cool potential, from letting us perform searches on the fly to reading news feeds and functioning as a personal GPS.

But we've only just begun to tap into what it can do, as evidenced by a new video of the gadget. The folks at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, were curious about the headset, so Google went and visited for a day to capture a keeper's-eye view of the zoo's inhabitants.

Highlights include a koala leaping from one branch to another, a giraffe having a snack, and an incoming sooty owl swooping toward its keeper's head.

This is where video recording with the device could really shine -- not just sharing a point of view that few rarely experience, but letting the zookeepers record their interactions with animals so they can study how to handle them better.

Plus, it's super, super cute.

Google Glass still doesn't have a release date in Australia -- the Taronga team was using an early test pair -- but it's heartening to know that they're at least on the way.

(Source: Crave Australia)