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Targeted 'Times' articles coming to LinkedIn

The content-sharing deal enables The New York Times to send newspaper headlines targeted to the individual interests of the business-networking site's users.

The New York Times has inked a deal with LinkedIn to deliver targeted headlines to members of the networking site.

A LinkedIn user who works in the energy industry would, for example, be shown articles relevant to that area.

Targeted stories will be displayed on the paper's site LinkedIn

Times readers will also be able to share and comment on stories with LinkedIn members in their networks through a tool on article pages of the newspaper's Web site.

The deal, announced Monday night, will also enable advertisers to target "more Times readers than currently available through the registration process," the companies said, though they did not get into details regarding how the targeting would work.

Neither company will share personally identifiable information, they said, and consumers will have the ability to opt out of the feature.