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Target to begin selling the Kindle

The bricks-and-mortar retailer announces it will begin selling Amazon's e-reader on Sunday.

Target, a longtime Amazon partner, is going to give the Kindle a distribution hand in a small number of stores with a larger roll-out later in the year.

The retailer said Wednesday that it will carry Amazon's Kindle beginning on Sunday in select stores. Specifically, Target will carry the Kindle at its flagship Minneapolis store where the retailer is based. In addition, Target will put the Kindle in 102 south Florida store. After those pilots, Target will bring the Kindle to more stores

News of the Target distribution leaked out earlier in the month. Meanwhile, Barnes & Noble paired up with Best Buy to distribute the nook. Leading e-reader manufacturers are bolstering distribution as Apple's iPad hits the market.

This story, under the headline "Target to sell Amazon's Kindle in select stores with broader rollout to follow," was originally published at ZDNet's Between the Lines.