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Tardis safe is unlocked with your smartphone

Doctor Who fans, protect your belongings with this smartphone-controlled Tardis safe.

Timelords-in-training won't need a Sonic Screwdriver to crack open this adorable Tardis safe. Instead, it's unlocked using a smartphone. We've gone paws-on with the Zeon Tech Tardis Smartsafe at the Toy Fair in London, so hit play on the video above to examine it for yourself.

Here's how it works. Once your secret items have been squirrelled away inside--no doubt you'll be able to store a surprisingly large amount of stuff--you shut the door and the safe locks itself.

Next, install a companion app (never has the phrase been more appropriate) on your iPhone or Android device, stick your phone into the slot atop the safe, and use the app to set a four-digit passcode.

To unlock the Smartsafe, put your phone in the same slot and key in your code. Press enter and the door pops open. Dead easy.

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