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Tapas and fondue for you

The Tapas Fondue Pot and Fondue Server make serving up hot cheese or chocolate easy.

The Tapas Fondue Pot and Fondue Server Crate and Barrel

I tend to ask for fondue any time my family wants to go out for a special occasion. There's just something about hot cheese that makes for a great meal. The Tapas Fondue Pot and Fondue Server offer an opportunity to make fondue at home with a certain style that you may not even find at a great fondue restaurant. The set was designed in Holland and makes use of black earthenware and warm wood to create a striking appearance, adding geometric shapes that catch the eye.

The Tapas Fondue Pot and Fondue Server's earthenware has a food-safe finish. However, both the earthenware and the wood bases should be washed by hand. The fondue pot's base has an inset space for a heating element that can keep cheese or chocolate bubbling. However, the pot is not recommended for other fondue set ups (such as hot broths). The serving dish is divided into three sections that can double as a resting point for the two fondue forks that also come with the set. It's designed that two people can easily share. Each set of the two pieces of the Tapas Fondue Pot and Fondue Server is available for $19.95.