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'Tank Limo' is for hard-core partying

For the Lindsey Lohan crowd.


What do you get if you take a used armored vehicle and add a few kitchen appliances to it? Something like the "Tank Limo," perhaps.

It may be billed as a limousine, but it's kind of a cross between a chimney-equipped Hummer and the "Donk," with a little bit of Halo thrown in--hardly competition for the new Rolls Phantom, it might even take a back seat to the Whirlpool-equipped Mini Cooper (Maxi Cooper?) where luxury is concerned, anyway. (Red Ferret does say, however, that the Tank will be getting a Jacuzzi.)


Its own description says it all: "Chopped a few windows in the side, fitted smoked-glass fridge, twin DVDs, reversing cameras, completely retrimmed the interior. We found the Army had left the massive diesel-powered crew heater in one of the 432s so we threw that in as well." It doesn't exactly scream Trump.

So why does cost $2,200 to $5,500 per night to rent? It may depend on who's using it. If Lindsay Lohan is involved, it may not be a bad investment.