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Tamagotchi forced to deal with family issues

"Tamagotchi Familitchi" is its latest incarnation.


Alas, the Tamagotchi is no longer the passive digital pet that made it famous. Bandai, its creator, has been forcing it grow up.

First it had to enter its terrible teens, then learn how to socialize and even party with the Wii. Now its learning how to be part of a family. The "Tamagotchi Familitchi" lets you raise three of the virtual charges on one screen, generating up to seven families. (We're not sure about their parentage, however, and we don't care to know.)

Learning more life lessons, they can then earn points that can be used to purchase goods in Tamagotchi Town, where they--and you--can meet others from around the world, according to Coolest-Gadgets. But better keep an eye on them: If they go down the wrong path, they might end up as robots.