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Tamagotchi 15th anniversary pet can still die

Tamagotchi releases a limited-edition anniversary model of the electronic critters. They're still hungry, fussy, and capable of kicking the bucket.

Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Model
Don't forget to feed the Tamagotchi. Japan Trend Shop

Fifteen years is a pretty good life span for many pets. Tamagotchi is celebrating the birth of its digital critters with a limited-edition anniversary model.

In case you missed the Tamagotchi craze, they are little egg-shaped gadgets with small screens that house electronic pets. Each one starts from an egg, and has to be fed, cleaned up after, and disciplined as it goes through its virtual lifecycle.

Bandai's Tamagotchi spawned the sale of 78 million units and taught a lot of kids about the virtual joys, tribulations, and sorrows of digital parenthood.

Tamagotchi may be 105 in dog years, but it has learned a few new tricks along the way. The Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Model features a full-color screen with new characters and games.

Your digital pets can even woo and marry other digital pets, which is about as weird as dressing Shih Tzu up in little bride and groom costumes and taking pictures of them.

The anniversary edition comes in pink or purple. While Bandai's target market of 12-year-old girls may have moved on to iPhones and FarmVille, there is still a quaint retro factor to the electronic pets.

On the other hand, with a price tag of $112 with $20 shipping from Japan Trend Shop, you might consider picking up a real pet from the pound for less.

Tamagotchi screen shots
Before FarmVille, there was Tamagotchi. Japan Trend Shop