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TalkTalk takes on BT Infinity with superfast fibre-optic broadband

TalkTalk's super-fast broadband is open for business -- but how does it compare against BT Infinity?

TalkTalk's super-fast broadband is open for business. The broadband provider is selling packages that offer up to 40Mbps speeds, but how do they compare against BT Infinity?

Fibre-optic services are quicker, as data is zapped down insanely fine glass cables at the speed of light -- much faster than old-timey copper cables. TalkTalk uses BT's fibre network, which can offer up to 40Mbps broadband speeds, as opposed to 24Mbps down sluggish copper wires.

TalkTalk's 40Mbps service will be available from May, but the actual speeds and the date you could start superquick browsing depend on where you are, and how far you are from the exchange. You can check your number at the TalkTalk website. This Craver's bijou South London apartment, for example, will be able to get up to 34.6Mbps in June.

Switching to the faster service will add a £10 premium to your standard package. You need a TalkTalk Essentials or Plus broadband contract, and the minimum contract length is 18 months. That means fibre-optic broadband from TalkTalk will set you back between £17 and £25 per month. £12 monthly line rental takes that to between £29 and £37.

To Infinity -- and broadband!

How do those prices square up against BT? BT's 40Mbps Infinity service starts at £18 with a 40GB fair usage policy, as well as line rental. Unlimited fibre broadband costs £28. Throw in line rental starting at £10, and BT's 40Mbps service costs between £28 and £38.

On price alone, BT and TalkTalk's fibre services cost the same. Both begin at about £28 with a 40GB cap on your Internet use, or offer unlimited use for around £38. Both charge £25 to send a man round when you switch to fibre.

To choose between them you'll need to decide which phone, TV and broadband packages suit you best, or bust out your calculators and do some maths over the current offers: BT is offering Amazon vouchers, both BT and TalkTalk currently offer discounts for the first couple of months, and both offer cashback if you sign up via Quidco. Good luck fibrenauts!