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TalkTalk broadband slashed to half price, starts at £3.75

TalkTalk is walking the walkwalk with half price deals on broadband, landline and YouView TV -- but don't forget the line rental.

TalkTalk is walking the walkwalk with a selection of half price deals on broadband, landline and YouView TV -- but don't forget the line rental.

You can get the TalkTalk Essentials broadband and phone package for £3.75 for a year -- plus £15.40 line rental. That comes with unlimited broadband and evening and weekend calls.

Add telly to the mix and you get the TalkTalk Plus TV package, giving you unlimited broadband, free calls all day every day, and a free YouView set-top box. The deal costs £7.75 per month for the first six months, then £15.50 a month after that.

Factor in that pesky £15.40 line rental and you've got an annual total of £340.30.

A YouView box costs £300 on its own, although both TalkTalk and BT give them away free. The Internet-connected tellybox takes online catch-up services like iPlayer and 4OD and puts them in your TV, so you can wind back through the schedules and watch stuff you missed without having to go to your computer.

Finally, if you're lucky enough to be in one of the 15 million homes with access to fibre optic broadband, you can upgrade any of these half price deals to Superpowered Fibre broadband by adding an extra £5 per month for up to 38Mbps of the Internet, rising to £10 a month after six months.

Line rental costs £15.40 per month, or you can pay for the year in one go for £114 -- a saving of £70.80, which sounds well worth it if you have the cash upfront.

The price is certainly right -- although Tesco broadband is even cheaper -- but TalkTalk is consistently the most complained-about Internet service provider, according to industry watchdog Ofcom.

Who supplies your broadband -- and do they do a good job? What's the best deal you've seen? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.