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Talking pressure cooker tells it like it is

The Technique 6.5-quart Oval Voice Guided Pressure Cooker is a versatile countertop appliance. An assortment of cooking modes makes it a convenient option anytime.

Listen to your pressure cooker.
Listen to your pressure cooker. QVC

Electric pressure cookers can handle a variety of tasks. Traditionally used to speed up cooking time by increasing pressure inside the cooking vessel, the modern varieties are capable of much more. While they will always be a popular option for kicking out a pot roast in a minimum amount of time, some models can also brown, steam, slow cook, and talk. Yes, talk.

The Technique 6.5-quart Oval Voice Guided Pressure Cooker ($119) can not only cook up a meal, but it can also talk one up, too. The multicooker features convenient and versatile cooking settings that include steaming and browning functions as well as slow cooker settings. The oblong shape allows for the nonstick interior to hold odd-size cuts of meat, while the 6.5-quart capacity offers enough room to cook for the whole family. And if nobody else is around? It will keep you company by talking to you.

When the voice function is activated (you can turn it off when it gets too bossy), the countertop appliance takes any guesswork out of cooking the evening meal. The voice function acts as a guide, alerting you what to do each step of the way. With multiple cooking modes allowing for a wide variety of meals, the kitchen appliance is one dining companion that is guaranteed to like the cooking.