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Talking 'Thrones': GameSpot of Thrones returns!

The best "Game of Thrones" companion show in the Seven Kingdoms returns for season 7 of the hit show.


Calling all loyal bannermen! If you're obsessed with all things Ice and Fire, make sure to tune into the best "Game of Thrones" companion show in the Seven Kingdoms: GameSpot of Thrones!

Every Monday, GameSpot's chief "Thrones" superfans Lucy James, Tamoor Hussain and Dave Jewitt dissect the latest episodes. We over-analyse every word, revel in every backstab, and speculate on each fragile alliance. No stone is left unturned, no detail too small to be ignored, and no theory too ridiculous. GameSpot of Thrones is the most comprehensive companion show around and a must-watch for fans of George R.R. Martin's fantasy epic.

Look out for the always-fun Death of the Week segment, in which we reflect on the many amusing -- or shocking -- ways our favourite character bite the dust.

You can catch GameSpot of Thrones every Monday at, available shortly after "Game of Thrones" airs on HBO in the US, and is ready for UK viewers the moment the show finishes on Sky Atlantic or Now TV.

Or if you'd like to listen to the show as a podcast, it's available to download via iTunes, Stitcher, and many of the other podcast apps available across iOS and Android.

If you're as excited for the start of season 7 as us, you can prepare for its debut with our in-depth recap of Game of Thrones Season 6:

Season 7 starts on Sunday 16 July. Who is Azor Ahai reborn? Will Daenerys claim her birthright? Will Cersei ever get what's coming to her? Find out every Monday on GameSpot of Thrones. All men must subscribe.

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