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Talk hands-free with Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset, $64

eCost has the top-rated Jawbone headset, which sells for twice as much from some stores, on sale for just $64 (plus shipping).


Rumor has it Aliph will soon be releasing an updated version of its uber-popular Jawbone Bluetooth headset, but you can grab the original for just $64 (plus shipping)--a pretty solid deal considering that stores like Best Buy sell it for $129.

Renowned for its fashionable design and unparalleled noise-canceling capabilities, the Jawbone earned an 8.7 rating from CNET. Users were a bit less enthusiastic, mostly due to the awkward fit and difficulty pressing the buttons. I use a Jawbone myself and agree with the criticisms, but also think that once you've managed to wiggle the sucker onto your ear, there's no better headset in terms of audio quality.

The $64 price is for a new unit in OEM packaging, and you're limited to the black model; the silver and red versions cost $5 and $10 more, respectively.