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Taking the wireless high road

AT&T announces it will stick to its own wireless guns when it comes to next-generation technology.

AT&T today announced it would stick to its own wireless guns for next-generation technology. Following a $1 billion deal with Lucent Technologies, the telecommunications giant said it will go with a technology separate from one agreed upon by former rivals Qualcomm and Ericsson. Although the industry recognizes the need for a worldwide wireless standard, the battle to establish one agreeable to all no doubt will continue.

AT&T goes its own path for wireless
The telecommunications giant decides to stick to its own wireless route following an agreement between Qualcomm and Ericsson for next-generation cellular technology.

Lucent scores $1 billion AT&T contract
update Lucent Technologies says it won a $1 billion contract from AT&T to supply cellular network equipment.

Nextel shares ring in on takeover rumors
The wireless company's shares surge on persistent rumors the firm may be purchased, possibly by MCI WorldCom or an international company.

Wireless pact first step to global standard
news analysis The wireless standards deal between Qualcomm and Ericsson should smooth the path to a global standard for mobile phones, but the industry as a whole still must iron out a couple of rough patches.