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Taking the Borg out of video glasses

New version of "Teleglass" is far more discreet.

Pink Tentacle

This is one product that definitely benefited from more work at the drawing board. The version of the wearable "Teleglass" video lens we saw last year looked more like a Halloween mask than cutting-edge technology. But according to Japan-based Pink Tentacle, the new "Teleglass T4-N" has a pair with miniature monitors seated discreetly behind the lenses while still providing the effect of viewing a 45-inch screen from 6 feet away.

Each monitor can also be focused independently, and earphones are built into the frame to complete the all-in-one wearable system made by optical device manufacturer Scalar. And even with all this embedded equipment, there's apparently still enough room to see through the lenses "during the course of everyday activities." We pray that they don't catch on with airline pilots and bus drivers.