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Taking aim at iPods, cell phones

roundup Segway tests an off-road four-wheeler. In other gadget news: Is Dell aiming for the iPod Mini?

Segway tests an off-road four-wheeler. In other gadget news: Is Dell aiming for the iPod Mini?

Segway may go off-road

The scooter maker is testing a new four-wheel gadget that travels 20 mph and can handle rough terrain.
October 13, 2004

France fries cell phones

Movie theaters there can now install signal-jamming equipment to deal with rude mobile-phone users.
October 13, 2004

Small discs for camcorders get the blue light

Blu-ray group is developing a smaller version of its technology for portable electronics, aiming to give its format a leg up.
October 13, 2004

Dell taking aim at iPod Mini?

PC maker plans to talk consumer electronics this week, and the conversation could turn to a "Pocket DJ."
October 12, 2004

It's all about the iPod

New surveys credit Apple with overwhelming market share, but competitors may find success at the low end of market.
October 12, 2004

Sony DVD burner skirts PCs

Device can be connected to a camcorder or VCR for transferring taped footage directly to a disc, without using a computer.
October 12, 2004

Virgin takes on iPod

Company's new player offers 25 percent bigger hard drive and weighs less than the iPod Mini--for the same price.
October 12, 2004

A new direction for Linux for gadgets

MontaVista proposes a modification that could help boost use of the operating system with cell phones and GPS receivers.
October 11, 2004

Making disk drives the star of the show

Agere is working to make tiny drives the heart of MP3 players and other devices. But are nonstandard approaches worth the risk?
October 11, 2004 previous coverage

Web site pictures Photo iPod for holidays

A Mac news site says iPods that display digital photos may be under Christmas trees this year.
October 8, 2004

At Japan show, it's all gadgets great and small

roundup The CEATEC exhibit covers everything from wall-size "wallpaper" displays to the Scopo eyepiece TV.
October 7, 2004

Gadgets galore at CEATEC exhibit

photo gallery Can't quite picture yourself wearing a headset with an eye-level LCD screen? Photos from Japan's gadget show might help.
October 7, 2004