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#TakeMeAnywhere: Shia LaBeouf hitches a ride via Twitter

The actor is using social media to take a monthlong road trip around America.

Ever wanted to take a road trip with a movie star? Well, here's your chance.

Shia LaBeouf, known for the "Transformers" movies and a string of bizarre art projects, has invited the public to take him and fellow collaborators, Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner, literally anywhere. But first, you have to find them.

The trio is posting their GPS coordinates every day on Twitter and via a website, with the hashtag #TakeMeAnywhere. Find LaBeouf and friends, and you can, well, take them anywhere.

The group embarked on their road trip, which is really a monthlong art project, Monday and has so far mostly been traveling around Colorado. As of this writing, LaBeouf is in the Rocky Mountain National Park about an hour north of Boulder, according to the #TakeMeAnywhere site.

One group of fans that tracked down LaBeouf on Monday posted a video of their adventure. They reportedly enjoyed lunch (and some odd childhood tales) with the actor at the Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons, Colorado.

The project was commissioned by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and The Finnish Institute in London and is supported by Vice.

"The American road trip has long been symbolic of a collective yearning to seek out beauty and truth within a corrupt nation," according to BMoCA. "As part of MediaLive 2016's theme on corruption, #TAKEMEANYWHERE asks, can we find such truths within the corrupted networks of society, and preserve something of the utopian naivety of the Internet age?"