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Take your pick: Buy BlackBerry 'Tellor Edition' or pay your rent

BlackBerry Tellor Edition is embellished with 205 diamonds--don't even bother, you can't afford it.

Luxe Magazine

Meet the new Blackberry "Tellor" edition, a limited-release version of the popular Bold smartphone. 205 ridiculously shiny diamonds are impeccably laced onto the bottom panel below the keyboard (QWERTY and AZERTY models available), and you can even bedazzle it with extra flair, including Celtic crosses, inlaid initials, and ostrich/stingray/lizard/alligator skins.

If you have any desire to get your hands on one of these, we suggest you set up your lemonade stand now--they're only making 50 units, and there's no word on pricing...yet.