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Take this slow cooker to the party

The Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Slow Cookers provide an easy-to-transport solution to bringing your favorite recipe on the road.

On the road again. Hamilton Beach

One thing any real cook likes to do is share. Just try finding a recipe out there that "serves one." It's not going to happen. Consider the egg. A primary ingredient in many recipes, however, you never see "half an egg" called for. It's just easier to cook for more people. Therefore, it is second nature for cooks to want to share; we always have too much food around!

Sometimes sharing requires a little more effort than simply constructing a delicious meal. If there is a party in the planning, a meal has to be packed up and taken on the road. Unfortunately, that usually means cooking in one vessel, transferring to another, all to ultimately end up forgetting the cookware at your destination. Save your self some time (and quit losing containers), by combining the two into one.

The Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Slow Cooker is a good example of this cookery consolidation. The cooker provides spill resistance via a clip-lock lid that forms a tight and secure seal. The traveling slow cooker incorporates some other handy features such as a recipe name slot and a spoon incorporated directly into the handle. The 6-quart slow cooker is an ample size for most parties, and as an added bonus, recipe cards/name tag labels can be downloaded so you can let everybody at the party know that delicious recipe is yours.