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Take the smartphone survey

Please take a moment to tell us about your past experiences with smartphones, or your future interest in advanced mobile computers.

Do you own a smartphone?

I put out a similar question earlier this week regarding the iPhone to a One More Thing panel of Apple users, but I've decided to broaden the scope. I'm trying to get a sense of how many people own a smartphone, or are in the market for one, and the kinds of things they want to see in an advanced phone. This is not going to be conducted in the most scientifically accurate fashion, but what the hell, let's take your pulse.

Got one of these? Think they're too pricey? Let us know. John Lee/CNET Networks

We'll define smartphone pretty liberally as a BlackBerry/Treo/BlackJack/N95 class of device that can surf the Web, run applications, get e-mail, and place calls. But phones like the original Razr that could sort of access a basic version of the Internet aren't going to count for the purposes of this discussion.

Leave your answers in the comments below, or send me an e-mail at tom dot krazit at cnet dot com and tell me your smartphone story. Here are some variations on the questions I posed to the Apple group, tailored for a broader audience.

  • Do you own a smartphone?
  • If so, what type? Do you like it?
  • If not, why? (Cost, lack of interest, locked into wireless contract, etc.)
  • Are you considering a smartphone purchase in the near future? Which device are you thinking about buying, and why?
  • What's the one thing that convinced you to buy a smartphone?
  • If you do have a smartphone, do you use it more for business or for personal activities?
  • Does Apple's plan to bring enterprise-friendly features to the iPhone make you more interested in buying one?

Please send those responses as soon as you get a chance. I'd like to be able to share the results by the end of the week.

As always, thanks for taking the time.