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Take the kitchen sink with you

Go camping the way nature intended, assuming that nature is all about the convenience of modern appliances. This portable kitchen sink lets you have the same fights in the wilderness over doing the dishes as you have at home. Fun!

Go ahead. Pack the kitchen sink. Kelty

Summertime means vacation, and for some folks, that means camping. I'm told that getting in touch with nature makes for a fantastic experience. I wouldn't know--I'm a hotel kind of girl, myself--but my daughters assure me that camping out leads to bonding, exciting adventures, and happy times. Those meals around the campfire, however, can generate a lot of trash if you're using paper goods, and many dirty dishes if you're not.

Apparently, nature does not provide sinks, but the good folks at Kelty make a kitchen sink you can take with you. The PVC-free kitchen organizer has a basin you can fill with hot or cold water to wash your dishes. The sink also has convenient retractable drying racks, mesh pockets for holding utensils, and a zippered outer pocket where you can stash your cleaning supplies. The whole contraption is freestanding and stackable, and you can find it online for around $30.