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Take old-fashioned wood smoking to your cook top

Stove-top kettle smoker gives authentic smoky flavor to your meat without taking up too much space.

Don't be fooled: this wee little kettle cooker still packs in a lot of smoky flavor. SkyMall
I'm of the opinion that all chefs, no matter how experienced, have a fear of at least one kitchen undertaking. Whether it's worrying about messing up our mom's recipe, conquering a long-standing fear of soufflé, or firing up a grill, all of us have a cooking method that sends us shrinking back behind our standby sautés and pasta sauces.

My kitchen fear of barbecueing and smoking meat is one that is avoidable for most dishes that I love to cook, and therefore has been easily forgotten as something that I should tackle. But, if I ever have hopes of entering myself into any barbeque competitions, then a smaller and more user-friendly model like this Stove-Top Kettle Smoker would be a good gadget to get and learn how to use.

The little guy fits on one station of a gas, electric, or even glass cook top. Most overhead exhausts can remove the odors released during use. It has a large domed hood with an adjustable smoke vent, a nonstick cooking surface, and a water pan, so that your food stays moist while it smokes. It also includes a recipe book and wood chips.

The Stove-Top Kettle Smoker is available through Sky Mall for $139.95.