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Take me out to the ball game

The Washington Nationals debut "mobile tickets." Fans can buy tickets from the Web site and receive them as an MMS message.

The Nationals introduce the mobile ticket. washington.nationals.mlb.com

The Washington Nationals may not have the best record, but they're ahead of the game in creating new ways to use your cell phone. As of April 26, the team is letting fans use digital tickets on their handsets to gain admission to games. After buying a ticket from the team's Web site, you can request to have it sent directly to a phone in a multimedia message (MMS). You then take your phone directly to the admission gate where they scan the bar code from your handset's screen. Then it's off to enjoy the ball game as usual.

Though the Nationals won't charge a fee to send tickets to your phone, you will incur standard MMS fees from your carrier. And don't worry about accidentally deleting the message, since the Nationals send you an e-mail backup. Also, you can't forward your electronic ticket to another number, as the team will invalidate it and not refund your money.

Even if you're not a Nationals fan, you have to like the future possibilities. Could paying for a hot dog and beer be next? And on a similar note, wouldn't it be great to breeze past the line with a cell phone ticket to a premier showing opening day of Spider-Man 3? If NFC developers have their way, that day may not be so far off.

(via Slashphone)