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Take a load off on an MP3 ottoman

They may not have world-class speakers, but they're comfortable.

Chip Chick

After seeing so many chairs and sofas that play music, we didn't think that there were many other ways to pipe MP3s through upholstered furniture in the living room. Then we saw it: the musical ottoman.

Actually, it's called the "Audio Cube," according to Chip Chick. Just slip your MP3 player in a pouch on the side, plug it in, and kick back--literally. Our only quibble is the choice of upholstery, which, other than black, isn't exactly understated (French pink, polka dots, etc.). Hardly the kind of patterns one would find in "Salon du Emo."

And it's just a wild guess, but we'd venture that its sound isn't exactly world-class either. If you want an audio cuboid of quality, something like the latest Yamaha model might be a better choice. Just don't try sitting on it.