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Take a Leap in May with motion control

A new way to navigate your computer hits stores in May, Samsung's Wallet mimics Apple's Passbook, and Sony needs a name for its balls.

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Get ready to control your computer like a Jedi: Leap Motion's controllers are arriving mid-May for $80. Watch the video above to see how users can navigate programs with the wave of a hand or the wiggle of a finger. Developers like Corel and Disney Interactive are releasing apps that work with Leap.

But that's not the only company taking the "touch" out of touch screen. At Mobile World Congress, STMicroelectronics showshow to control a tablet without making contact.

Also in Wednesday's tech news roundup:

- Samsung is launching its own version of Apple's Passbook app, called Wallet. Coming in May, the app will let users store barcodes for event tickets, boarding passes, membership cards and coupons. And even though Samsung phones have NFC technology, this app will not have NFC integration.

- Facebook is pushing you to buy gifts for friends with good news. But will we eventually be encouraged to send gifts to cheer up friends with bad news?

- Sony needs a good name for its pink balls. Leave a comment on the Sony blog with your suggestion, and the best ideas win free balls.

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